Learn How To Book Your MOT And Exactly What To Expect From It

While having a car is certainly convenient, in order to maximize this attribute, you need to make sure that it is also safe to conduct at all times. There are plenty of ways you could do this, but you should note that there are several reasons you should maintain the safety at high levels at all times.

The primary one is, of course, your health, as well as the lives of the other drivers. Most of the countries throughout the world may also legally oblige you to perform this checkup.

This is a full scale inspection

Note that this sort of a process is radically different from the regular visit to the mechanic. One of the reasons you will get these services is because your car needs to be tested, to check if it meets the road safety standards.

This sort of a checkup is called an MOT, which is an abbreviation for “Ministry Of Transport” test. Even scheduling one is easier than it used to be. Nowadays you can use the book mot conventry service and schedule your appointment ahead, online.

You have to renew it once in three years

While you are free to get your MOT whenever you please, you are still obliged to renew the license validity once in every three years. You won’t have trouble understanding when is the right time to do it. Usually, you will find the date of your registration imprinted on your pass certificate. Just make sure you schedule the test a month before the designated date.

Get your test at a certified center only

You cannot simply go to a random mechanic service and expect them to give you a MOT certificate. You need to go to an approved and fully certified MOT centers. Only the approved ones will be able to give you a certificate, which can be considered to be valid for the next three years.

You will easily recognize the MOT center, as it will have the official symbol displayed. They will also have posted information regarding the fees.

You are vulnerable without  the MOT

There is a good reason why you should get this inspection over with as soon as possible. In fact, if you haven’t renewed yours, technically, you aren’t able to drive your vehicle to the open road. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from doing as you please, but, if you are stopped by a law representative at any point, failure to provide the valid MOT certificate may result with being prosecuted.

The only notable exception to this rule would be if you happened to be driving your vehicle to the MOT center, in order to get your certificate.