Car Tuning

We love tuning autos and we are proud to deliver it proficiently. Our extensive experience gives us clear vision of any possible outcomes from this or that modification and we are perfectly aware of any pitfalls that may await along the way.

Auto Trading

Our team has connections with the main car manufacturers, so if you are planning an upgrade just send us an email and ask for quotations. We can get some solid discounts on a range of new models.

Scraping & evaluation

We also specialize on scraping and evaluation. Sometimes it is much easier to get rid of the old car and then start all anew rather than keep spending on repair. Not only can we get the best prices for your old auto, you will also have a good opportunity for swapping.

Vehicle inspection

Regular inspection is vital for the proper auto functioning. During this process, we will determine any hidden defects and advise if any repair is necessary.

About Us

We are a good team of auto enthusiasts who are always happy to help. On this site we'll also be writing some useful guides and tips.

Do not wait any longer! Contact us right now and request for free quotations on our services. We guarantee a prompt communication and professional service!

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I've been using their tuning service for a long while now and they always provided more than I actually expected. These guys are really great, so I just couldn't be happier!

Whitman Penzavalli

I swapped my old here through this website. They gave me very good conditions, so I just had to add half of the price for a brand new car. I really love my new Cherokee. Thanks for making it possible...

Alexandros Kelliher