What Your Vehicle Manufacturer are Hiding from You

Though ECU remap is the new big thing in the auto industry, the concept of making changes in the ECU configuration of a vehicle has been around for quite some time. Originally referred to as chip tuning, the existing chip of the ECU was replaced by another one which consisted of all the customizations and enhancements that needed to be carried out. ECU Remap is the advanced version of chip tuning where the ECU is connected to a laptop and the necessary alterations are carried out with the help of software technology.

What causes the need for this remap in the first place? Shouldn’t the manufacturer already set the configuration of the ECU is such a way that optimum performance can be expected? The truth of the matter is that while setting up the ECU of a new vehicle, there are a few fundamental challenges that the manufacturer has to face.

They have to find a balance between pivotal factors like fuel efficiency, air quality, driving pleasure, temperature, air pressure, horsepower output and exhaust emissions while keeping the costs as low as possible. Also, all these settings have to be made in such a way that the same system configuration can be applied to cars all over the world. Since there are so many binding factors, along with legal and environmental regulations, the optimum performance of a newly bought car engine is seldom possible.

Fortunately, with the procedures like chip tuning and now with the ECU remap, the consumers now have the option of governing how they want their vehicle engine to perform by giving importance to factors that matter the most to them. The options of customized ECU remap give the vehicle owner an amazing opportunity to control the functioning of their car while enjoying optimum fuel efficiency which reads reduced fuel costs.

Not many vehicle owners are aware of so many technical aspects of the functioning of their car, which is where the professional and seasoned ECU remap companies come into the picture. They undertake the full responsibility of not only figuring out the flaws in the engine configuration, but also suggesting measures that can bring out the full potential of the engine of the vehicle. Considering that the engine capacity if different not only for every vehicle, but also various different models, this is a task requiring immense specialization. For customized ECU remapping services, visit Ecuflash today.